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  • Modeled after the USA
  • All checks have been made.
  • Authenticated with a US phone number.
  • Verification of banks is carried out with reputable and reliable US banks.
  • Green label customer.
  • Information on a driver’s license and SSN is accurate.
  • Utilizes a reliable US IP address.
  • The account was completely new and had never been used before.

What You’ll Get

  • A fresh account with login information
  • SSN of the account-related party


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Buy Verified Stripe Account

If you’re looking to buy verified stripe account, do not worry about it. I’m confident that it’s 100% safe to buy verified stripe accounts from us. If account you’re considering buying an verified stripe account through us, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account. Here you will find high-quality verified stripe account for sale at a cheap price.

Stripe charges a standard fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for processing credit card transactions online. Organizations with annual sales of $80,000 or more are eligible for venture volume discounts. Today, Stripe no longer provides credit card processing to brick-and-mortar retailers.

buy verified stripe account

Your company can also qualify for discounted prices if it has 501c3 nonprofit status. American Express commitments are the only exception and may incur a 3.5 percent transaction fee. For the first $15,000 in sales volume, charitable organizations will not be charged any fees by Stripe. Assuming a common price arrangement and $50 average installments, that might save about $420.

Additionally, Stripe offers free access to its API. Programmers can use this to create a unique design that is only available on the website of your company. For many businesses who do not want to send their consumers to external websites to handle the fulfillment of obligations, this might be a very advantageous feature.

If they don’t want to build their own check, business operators without technical resources may need to rely on other eCommerce solutions. Some of them are free, while maintaining others can cost more than $100 each month.

Just how Can Stripe Compare to Other Bank Card Processors?

We looked at how Stripe differs from other companies that process credit cards. Before buying a single firm, we always encourage business people to look around and weigh their possibilities. Whenever feasible, get multiple quotations because that will give you the best idea of how much different chips cost in comparison to one another.

Why do I need to present my Social Security Number?

Additionally, Stripe, our credit card payment processor, enables us to save money for your needs. “Know Your Client” (or even KYC) checks, which are required by banking and federal law of any organization that distributes money to people, organizations, etc., entail gathering and verifying information and facts about individuals. Stripe needs to collect specific information so they can confirm your identity before conducting these tests.

First, Stripe tries to cross your name off the list for the minimal information needed (legal name, DOB, and the last four of one’s Social Security number) (SSN).

What’s Stripe requesting the full SSN?

In order to pass these KYC checks, Stripe occasionally has to gather a little bit more data on a customer, which explains why they ask for your complete SSN and official identification. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine why verification might not have taken place for you immediately. Checking that all the information you provided is entered exactly as it is with the IRS and Social Security Administration is one easy action you may do.

Can I need to provide my SSN?

Stripe may still confirm the representation of the capital you are paying for even if you are buying tickets for a nonprofit, company, or other organization. Please enter a person associated with the company from the legal name and DOB fields when setting up your endeavour. Ideally, this would be the management, owner, etc., but it might also serve as a member or the role of treasurer. Please have the salesperson submit their SSN once you begin selling tickets and are at the stage where you need to provide more information.

buy verified stripe account

Is it secure?

Yes. The strictest safety requirements are surpassed by Stripe.

SSL Secure

All transactions are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Your information is securely sent throughout the payment processing procedure, along with that of your donor.

Conforms to PCI

The highest level of payment processing security, PCI Supplier Level 1, is achieved by Stripe. You can feel secure knowing that your donor’s advice is protected.


This guarantees the confidentiality and accuracy of the data about your donors.

How does Stripe help?

Buy a Stripe account to provide yourself the opportunity to accept payments from clients and customers using various payment methods. Simply open a Stripe account and set it up on your website is all that is required. By doing this, you will avoid the risk of having to manage several accounts while still allowing your clients to pay you via traditional means.
As a result, Stripe enables you to receive payments rapidly. It also helps you save time and effort.

However, setting up a Stripe account could be challenging for you, particularly if you don’t reside in the USA. So what do you do?
Let us handle this tension. If you require a Stripe account, just give us a holler. For you, we’ll handle it.

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